No Power – The unit is not lighting up


When your system does not power up, one of the following things could be happening. You could have a power adapter failure, a hardware failure, or the system could need a simple restart.

Make sure that your power source is a functional outlet. Test something else, that you know works in the same outlet, or try moving the GO to another outlet that you have confirmed has working power.

Still Not Working?

It is possible that you have a bad power supply, or malfunction of your GO hardware. Please reach out to your point of sale for further instructions.

Important note: Please ensure the unit is using the original power adapter that came with it and is connected to the correct voltage power source. The Powertec Cel-Fi Warranty does NOT cover damage or faults caused by using the incorrect power adapter, using the incorrect power source, voltage spikes or lightening damage.

The Cel-Fi GO system requires, either the 240v AC power adapter 12v DC–1.5A PSU, or the 12v DC–1.5A PSU cigarette lighter adapter supplied with your unit


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