What is a Cel-Fi Go Repeater

Exatek Electronics is proud to be a supplier of Cel-Fi mobile repeater systems, The ONLY Legal repeater available in Australia  

Often called mobile boosters, a repeater is designed to detect and amplify a weak 3G, 4G, or 5G signal, allowing it to be rebroadcast at full strength throughout the building. It is the most effective way to improve mobile voice and data services.

The Cel-Fi range of repeaters take a weak cellular signal and add up to 100 dB of boost which can be output inside the house or distributed throughout a building using one or many antennas.

What’s in a repeater kit?

A Repeater can also known as a Booster, Amplifier, or Smart Antenna, so if you see these terms used just remember there’s no difference. All repeater kits consist of three main components:

Donor Antenna: this is the antenna that connects to the Telstra base station. The base station provides a signal input to the repeater through the antenna. It’s important that the donor antenna is mounted high and clear of any metal obstructions so that it can pick up the best quality signal possible.

For moving vehicles and vessels the donor antenna is omnidirectional which means it can receive signal in any orientation. For buildings and other stationary applications a directional antenna is used. Directional donor antennas can pick up signal from a much longer distance as they focus signal in a beam.

Repeater: this is the main part of the kit. The Repeater connects to a power source (12 Vdc) and uses an amplifier circuit to add up to 100 dB of power to the Telstra signal. Signal comes in via the Donor Antenna and is broadcast out through the Service Antenna.

Service Antenna: this is the antenna which rebroadcasts the now strong Telstra signal. Signal is always broadcast at full 5-bar strength from the antenna. As you move away from the antenna the signal will slowly decrease, so to provide more consistent coverage throughout a larger building more than one Service Antenna may be needed. You’ll often see this in our Telstra Building Packs where we have a range of kits to provide indoor and outdoor mobile phone coverage.

All three components are connected together by coaxial cables. If your preferred kit doesn’t quite have the cable lengths you need please feel welcome to get in touch so we can help customise something for you.