AXIS TPMS EK215H Heavy Vehicle Tyre Pressure Monitoring 6 Sensor

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 AXIS TPMS EK215H is  based on the highly successful commercial monitor and is  supplied with compact sensors for caravans and motor  homes.

Systems are available  for six or more tyres (maximum 22 tyres). Just order  additional sensors for more wheels if required. 



The system continuously monitors the pressure  and  temperature of up to 22 tyres while you are driving  and displays the  pressure and temperature of each of  the tyres in succession. It gives a clear  audible  and visible alert in the event of:

  • Air loss (puncture etc.)

  • Low pressure

  • High pressure

  • High temperature

Easy to fit

There's no need to remove the tyres to fit the   sensors: they simply screw onto the tyre valves  in place of the standard dust  caps and can be locked  in place with a security key.

Sensors are suitable for tyre pressures up to   180psi and are powered by a CR1632 cell which lasts  up to 2 years before it  needs replacing.

Easy trailer link

Just pushing a button allows you to select or   deselect trailer monitoring. This is ideal for  caravans and motor homes with  trailers.


The monitor, powered by a rechargeable  battery,  automatically shuts down when not in use and  reactivates as soon as  the vehicle is used. The  monitor fits a robust articulated mount that can be   attached to the screen with a strong suction pad or  permanently screwed to the  vehicle.


The TC215B can monitor up  to 22 wheels and displays the pressure and temperature  of the tyres. When a trailer is connected, pushing a  button establishes a wireless data link between the  monitor and the trailer tyres.

Pressure alert levels can  be set for each axle on the towing vehicle and a single  setting for all the tyres on the trailer. The high  temperature alert level applies to all tyres. Clear and  distinct alerts are given for air loss, low pressure,  high pressure and high temperature.

Warnings are also given  if a sensor signal is lost, if a sensor battery is low,  or when the monitor battery needs recharging.


To save battery power,  both monitor and sensors automatically shut down when  the vehicle is not is use. They reactivate as the  vehicle is used.



115 x 73 x  27mm, weight 132g.Clear LCD screen with  automatic backlight has view size 80 x 40mm.


Powered by  internal lithium battery recharged from  vehicle power supply. Automatically shuts  down when not in use and reactivates as  vehicle is used. Charger input 12 to 24V dc.


Supplied with  robust articulated mount with suction or  screw fitting. Simple dashboard stand is  also supplied.


Continuously  cycles through all wheel positions and  displays pressure and temperature for each  tyre. Additional detail is displayed as  required.


Bright red  flashing LED, plus audible alarm. Audible  alarm can be silenced by pressing any  button.Distinct alerts are given for the  following conditions:

  • Air  loss (puncture etc.)

  • Rapid  air loss (blow-out)

  • Pressure below user-set threshold

  • Pressure above user-set threshold

  • Temperature above user-set threshold

Warnings  are also given if the sensor signal is lost,  if a sensor battery is low or when the  monitor battery needs recharging.


  • Model: EK215H
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4k
  • 12 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: AXIS

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