Introducing Cel-Fi Roam R41

Nextivity introduces the CEL-FI ROAM R41, a groundbreaking mobile cellular coverage solution that keeps people connected while on the move

Featuring Nextivity’s state-of-the-art 4th generation IntelliBoost chip, this device sets new industry standards for performance.

The CEL-FI ROAM R41 is the first release in the Nextivity ROAM line, specifically designed to address the needs of mobile applications. This innovative solution allows users to enjoy uninterrupted cellular coverage.

Building on the success of the CEL-FI GO G31 and GO G32 mobile repeaters, the ROAM R41 offers enterprise-grade performance, resolving poor cellular coverage challenges and ensuring reliable calling, texting, and data connectivity outside of the home or office environments. The system is effortlessly installed under seats or in any vehicle or boat.

“Powertec has sold nearly 200,000 mostly G31 repeaters in the Australian and NZ markets, making us the largest Nextivity distributor by volume worldwide and connecting 100’s of thousands of people who could not make or take a call before. The R41 will be a hot seller, particularly in the mobile and marine markets. We look forward to supporting our valued distribution partners and dealers with this innovative product,” said Ran McDonald, Managing Director of Powertec Wireless Technology.
Crafted for cars, trucks, RVs, and boats, the CEL-FI ROAM R41 stands out as the most powerful cellular coverage solution for on-the-go applications. It harnesses the cutting-edge capabilities of Nextivity’s proprietary 4th generation IntelliBoost chip, providing targeted coverage for specific mobile network operator (MNO) signals. With its exceptional performance and plug-and-play operation, the ROAM R41 can be set up and activated within minutes, enhancing cellular connectivity seamlessly. Additionally, the Nextivity WAVE App allows operator switching, empowering users with flexibility.

“The CEL-FI ROAM R41 is an important product for Nextivity – applying our latest enterprise-grade technology and expertise to the on-the-move mobile market. Rural residents, adventurers, and fleet managers will all benefit from the system’s performance and easy-to-use design,” said Nextivity’s CCO, Stephen Kowal.


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